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Around the Bluhmin’ Town: Spa treatment

Judy Bluhm~ 2/4/2015

Do real men go to spas? Yes, is the obvious correct answer. Not only do men like to get massages, pedicures, facials, and waxes (horror), but males everywhere (well, mostly in big cities) seem to enjoy “pampering” at exorbitant prices. Men going to spas has seemed to “catch-on” with the groom and groomsmen who want to “get ready” for the big wedding day. The multi-million dollar industry of “men-spa” is geared towards the groom treating his ushers and Best Man to “a day of absolute rest and relaxation.” No more rowdy and drunken bachelor parties – they are so old-school. The new trend is about “refinement.”
            I asked my husband, Doug, if he would go to a spa. He never has given me a clear answer, but I think not. I told him that men in their twenties and thirties are lining up at the doors of day spas, getting all sorts of “delicious” treatments. He asked, “Where are these guys from?” Ha, I detect a generation gap! Young dudes dare to go where few older men will venture – to get an eyebrow or back wax (ouch), a mud bath (yuk), a lemon, cucumber facial peel (why), and a pedicure and manicure (clear polish I hope). What’s the world coming to?
            One man interviewed in Time Magazine called the “new age of weddings” mostly about art. Therefore, for the sake of art and beauty, he explained how dreadful it would be for your Best Man to look “less than great.” Since the wedding party is captured forever in all of the wedding photos, the rationale is that the “chosen people” who are standing up with the bride and groom better look fabulous. Dear Readers, it just gets worse.
            A woman in San Francisco offered to pay for her Maiden-of-Honor to have a nose job! I’m not making this up! Sadly, the bride-to-be felt that the nose of her best friend was “offensive” to the perfection of the day. Her friend, it seems, was thrilled to accommodate. What some folks might find “offensive” is the nosiness of the bride. Who “nose” why the Maiden-of-Honor agreed, but by all accounts, the wedding was less than perfect. It seems one of the groomsmen got drunk and made quite a scene. Lesson learned? Perfection is hard to come by.
            Oops, but I digress. Men and spas was the topic I was exploring. Did you know that it costs approximately $250 per man to have a full day’s treatment? The groom usually pays for this “experience.” My girlfriend’s son is getting married so she is learning all about this new “man trend.” Women have been going to spas since the days of Cleopatra, so maybe it’s about time the guys got in on the fun. There’s just something weird about a bunch of guys getting together to spend the day having chemical peels and waxes.
            If going to the day-spa is no big deal, what do you think of an “engagement consultant?” These pricey experts of romance charge up to twenty thousand dollars to “stage” the “dream proposal.” Money may not buy love, but it sure can buy one heck of a proposal. Imagine being the lucky woman who wakes up one morning to find a marching band coming up her driveway, carrying a banner that reads, “Will you marry me?” Then the groom pops out of the drum! Hey, I’d love to have been there when the fans on one entire side of a football stadium are poised to hold up place-cards that spell out, “Marry me, Bonnie.”  That’s one half-time act that’s hard to follow.
            Spas, glitz, weddings, and perfection. From nose bobs to seaweed rubs, with marching bands to “pop the questions,” things sure have changed. Getting back to my original question – do real men belong at spas? I asked Doug if he would ever take a bath with ginger and honey and his reply? “It depends on what Ginger and Honey look like.”Ha, very funny. No spa for him! So Dear Gentlemen Readers, until next week, you might think about a honey-citrus facial. Or maybe not.


Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor who lies in the Anthem area. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at