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Around the Bluhmin’ Town Super Bowl

Judy Bluhm~ 1/28/2015

Are you ready? The Big Game is this coming Sunday, hosted by our beautiful, great State so that over 110 million people watching it on the television can see what good weather looks like. You don’t have to be a fan of football to love the Super Bowl. It is all show, with the possibility of actually being a pretty good game. Just look at the match-up between the Packers and the Seahawks. Cheeseheads were popping open the champagne with a 16 to 0 lead in the third quarter, when something miraculous happened. The Seahawks woke up! Rumor has it that the coach stopped giving the team Gatorade, handed the quarterback a cup of Starbucks, and told him to “Go win this thing.” Oh yea, those folks in Seattle love their java.

Every team in the NFL that has ever played in Seattle has complained bitterly about the noise. Seems that it is the loudest arena in the country and the opposing team cannot hear their own calls, much less their own thoughts. Engineers have weighed in on why this place is so loud, but I think I know the answer. Put about 67,000 people together in a stadium who have each had five cups of coffee (that is what the average person in Seattle drinks every day!) and you have a hyped-up, caffeine-crazed crowd of screamers! Well, how is that going to “play out” when the Seahawks face the Patriots? No coffee guzzlers in Phoenix to help them out!

But wait, what about those deflated Patriot footballs? Hey, when eleven out of the twelve Patriot’s balls happen to be about two to three pounds lighter than regulation, isn’t that cheating? Shouldn’t there be a consequence? Uh oh. Now the emails will be flying my way. Well, I just know if you cheat on a test at school, you can get suspended. If you cheat on your taxes, the IRS gets sort of upset. How exactly did this “Deflate-gate” happen? An underinflated ball is easier to throw, catch, and handle. Seems odd that eleven Patriot “flat balls” go unchecked. Especially since the NFL regulates everything from what color shoes a player can wear, to if he can do a happy dance and gyrate in the end zone after a touchdown. So where were the officials who handle the balls in between plays? It took an intercepted pass by a Colt to say, “Hey, this ball is deflated.” Okay, so maybe the outcome of the game wouldn’t have changed…but the whole drama does “deflate” the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Let’s not worry about two teams and pigskins. Super Bowl Sunday has a lot more to offer. There are always the commercials (which cost about 4 million bucks for 30 seconds) to keep us entertained if the games goes “flat.” And if things are really boring, there will be a glitzy and wild half-time show. Oh, and let’s not forget the food! There are 1.25 billion chicken wings that Americans will be consuming this Sunday. That’s right…an astounding 1.25 billion wings will be fried, served and gobbled up by hungry fans. We may be a nation divided on politics and team favorites, but we are a nation united when it comes to our chicken wings.  Hold the Starbucks, inflate the footballs and let the best wing win!

I still have a block of Velveeta cheese that I bought last year when there was suppose to be a Velveeta shortage. I guess it is not really cheese, because it has a shelf life of fifty years. Maybe I will melt it and make a perfect dip. My girlfriend is a doctor and says I might as well put cement in my arteries because that “yellow stuff” is a future heart attack. What is my doctor friend serving her guests? Coffee (in honor of Seattle), and clam chowder (for New England). Yuck! Sorry, but Game Day without a cheese dip would be a Cheesepocalypse! You see, right after wings, a bowl of chips and melted cheese dip is what Americans like to munch on Super Bowl Sunday.


Too bad our Cardinals didn’t make it to the Big Day, but we won’t let that fact “deflate” this Sunday’s game. If we are lucky, we will have the chance to witness greatness . . . a ball thrown with precision and caught by a running back on the fly, or a receiver who against all odds is able to jump, run and dash to the end zone. And no matter what – we can eat wings, drink a beer, and enjoy the spectacle. Game on!

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local realtor who lives in the Anthem area. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at