Beauty and the Beast 3D showing worth a look


Whether you've seen it hundreds of times since its original release in 1991, or you're getting ready to share it with someone for the first time, make plans to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D at some point during its limited release. Though it may seem like the 3D fad is overdone and pointless for many films released today, this classic Disney cartoon (the first cartoon ever to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards) shines greater than ever this time around.
During a recent Phoenix screening, audience members old and young were awed by the beauty and magic of this tale that's old as time. Though several of the little ones in the audience had seen the movie before, seeing it on the big screen, and in such grandeur was quite a new experience. There is no scene in animated history as epic and touching as the ballroom dance scene, and several sentimental members of the audience found themselves with misty eyes.
"Disney certainly knows what they're doing," said a 42-year-old man in attendance, after remarking that though he'd seen it in theaters before, this experience was "truly something else."
After the fantastic success enjoyed by Disney when they re-released The Lion King last Fall, it's no surprise to see an upcoming list of previously released films being dusted off and brought back to theaters. Some may scoff that it's just a marketing ploy to recycle old films in a new way to make a quick buck, and maybe it is, but one things for sure; it's brilliant. For every cynic who will avoid seeing the new line of Disney re-releases in the theaters, there are 2 bright-eyed romantics looking to relive the magic of their childhoods.  
Beauty and the Beast is preceded by an adorable short, Tangled Ever After, so be sure to arrive in time to catch it.  Take someone you love and get caught up in arguably the greatest animated film of all time.