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Cave Creek equestrian group meeting monthly


Tara Alatorre

CAVE CREEK – Cave Creek and equestrian recreation are inseparable. Anyone who lives, works or plays in this authentic Western town knows it prides itself for being horse friendly; a place where cars yield to horses, and hitching posts serve a function instead of a decoration.

So it is not shocking to find out that a group of Cave Creek residents organized a group that meets monthly for simply nothing more than to ride horses around town and eat breakfast together.

It seems perfectly fitting: Scottsdale has its yoga mom meetups, downtown Phoenix is buzzing with hipsters in coffee shops, so of course there is “Horses in Cave Creek,” a resident-driven meetup where Creekers can saddle up around their picturesque equestrian town together.

One of the original organizers of the group, Steve Alley, who was born and raised in the Phoenix Valley and has lived in Cave Creek for almost 20 years, says the group of equestrian enthusiasts has been getting together monthly, except during the extremely hot months of the summer, for a year this March.

“We wish to be the ambassadors of the Cave Creek horse community,” said Alley in an email interview.  “Our intention is to keep horses a functioning part of the Town of Cave Creek.”

This month, Horses in Cave Creek will meet Saturday, Jan. 21, at 9 a.m., at Harold’s Corral for breakfast.  Then the riders will take Galloway Wash to the end of town, loop around back through town core, and end the ride at Outlaw Annie’s, [old Hogs N’ Horses], he said.

Riders are welcome to join in on the festivities at Outlaw Annie’s afterwards for its grand opening weekend that will be holding horse game festivities complete with prizes for all ages and levels, according to the Cave Creek Bulletin Board on Facebook.

Alley, who has been riding horses since he was a child, says by organizing the local horse community to use the trails, right-of-ways, and the restaurant corrals, they ensure that horses remain a functioning part of the town, and don’t become a novelty.

“We hope to keep a sighting of a horse a regular event than just once a year parade novelty,” he said.

Since “Horses in Cave Creek,” is a casual meetup, it can be hard to predict how many people and horses will show up. The monthly group meetup has seen up to 50 riders show up and sometimes fewer than 10.  Nonetheless, it still gives Alley a thrill when he meets someone who has never seen a horse in person before, and that is what makes this group meetup fulfilling for him.

“It always amazes me when I regularly meet someone who has never touched a horse, it’s so much fun to share with them,” he said.

You don’t have to own a horse to join the group. Anyone can show up and enjoy breakfast if they are curious, want to have a chat with their neighbors, or just want to look at the horses.  Anyone interested can check on Cave Creek Bulletin Board on Facebook, where the group will post dates and times for its meetups.