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North Valley sees heavy rainfall; substantial snowfall recorded in high country


NORTH VALLEY – It’s been a cold, wet 2016 so far. Last week, the North Valley saw an average of three inches of rain, with parts of Anthem reporting 3.5 inches of rain, Carefree reporting 2.8 inches of rain, New River reporting 2.7 inches of rain, and Cave Creek reporting 3.15 inches of rain, according to

Multiple weather alerts were issued last week, due to widespread fog, hail, heavy rain, and flooding.

Further north, heavy snowfall has been recorded. The US National Weather Service Flagstaff reported on Jan. 8 that Flagstaff is at the seventh greatest of all time amount of snowfall for the season at 58.2 inches of snowfall so far. Flagstaff hasn’t seen this much snow on the ground since March 2012.

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