Dyana Hesson

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Nature’s Wow Factor


Shea Stanfield
Arts Columnist

Local artist Dyana Hesson attributes the success of her 25-year painting/fine art career to her devotion to hard work, creativity, and fearlessness. Dyana’s meticulously rendered, oversize, botanical images expand into their exhibit space with brilliant color sunlight, soothing rich shadow, and vibrant life energy. Dyana’s bold, botanical beauties have a wow factor that is simply impossible to ignore.

In the beginning, young Dyana did not imagine herself an artist. Growing up in Auburn, California, considered “gold rush country,” her goal was to get out in nature and have a grand adventure. Armed with her dad’s old 35 mm film camera, she would go on the hunt for the most provocatively interesting botanicals in the most close-up and personal way. Dyana delighted in capturing hidden worlds concealed in the shadowy interiors of flowers, under the finely textured moss, and small plants seeking refuge from the harsh exterior elements. All were recorded for their interior, exterior and seemly unnoticed beauty. When she was not on a grand journey in the wilds of the countryside, she would draw cartoon characters, publish a kid’s newsletter, and make doll furniture from the balsawood scraps in her dad’s workshop.

It wasn’t until Dyana found herself struggling through a several majors in college that her husband, Randy, suggested she take an art class – after all she’d always loved creating. As a result, Dyana switched her major to art and graduated earning honors, with a degree in fine art, from Arizona State University in 1991. Today, Dyana has a large studio in her home on the edge of the lush Sonoran desert in Northeast Mesa. Still the adventurer, she hikes almost every day, searching for the blooming cactus, small succulents, and that undiscovered flower between the stones along the path. Dyana reflects, “In the end, art that is created in solitude should be shared. That brings me great joy. Meeting and talking with new collectors is the icing on the cake. And creating beauty in a dark world is a mission I take very seriously.”

Recently, Dyana Hesson published Radiance: The Paintings of Dyana Hesson, featuring over 170 of her most luminous botanical and landscape painting from her 25-year career as a fine artist. Each image is accompanied by stories and poems sharing special insights about each piece. Dyana’s work is represented by Bonner David Gallery, in Scottsdale, www.bonnerdavid.com, CoCo Milano’s, in Mesa, www.cocomilanos.com, and CasaBella Fine Art, in Tucson, www.facebook.com/CasaBellaFineArt. Her paintings are in the collections of the Barrows Neurological Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor Museum, in Phoenix and on rotating exhibit at Rusconi’s American Kitchen, in Phoenix. 

To view collections of Dyana’s original oils, limited edition prints, her fun designs in fashion, order her book, keep up with upcoming events and/or contact Dyana, visit her web site at www.dyanahesson.com.  
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